Saturday, August 6, 2011


{This post was written by 7 year old Maya.}

Marley is my ten month old puppy. He is very big. He is very strong also and has very sharp claws. Marley is a terrier cross puppy. We don't know what he is crossed with though. We got him from the Humane Society. He was at a home and back and a home and back. We brought him home because he was so adorable. He was puppy eyes were so cute. Whenever I visited his cage he would jump up and it was so amazing.

Today there was a thunderstorm. Marley stayed out for just the beginning. When he came inside he was so scared. He was going really fast and it was like he was going "huh? huh? What's happening?" He was getting so scared but then he calmed and now the storm is over.

We are going to go on a trip and Marley has to stay home with Daddy. I am going to miss him when we are gone, but I am still going to have fun.

I'm super happy that we have a puppy named Marley. Thanks for listening!


  1. Anonymous9:29 p.m.

    Maya, what a great writer you are! Your dog Marley sure
    is cute, I can see why your family chose him! What a lucky
    dog he is:-)

    I hope you have a great vacation! Don't forget to tell Dad
    to give Marley lots of love and attention while you're away.

    Hugs from Hope, Crystal

  2. Glad we found that dog. You are such a good writer. Love you Meems.

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