Tuesday, August 11, 2009

All the -tion words my inner thesaurus can muster

restoration - rejuvenation - resurrection

I have the sudden urge to create, to record, to write. I often get this way in August, the Sunday of my year. I realize that the sands of my summer time have slipped too quickly through my hands and I want to have something to show for the two months of blissful laziness I've spent with my kids.

revitalization - regeneration - resuscitation

My obsessive blogstalking casual reading of talented writers has inspired me to get my own little blog going again. I may or may not have fantasies of my children, years from now, reading my humble ramblings and exclaiming "Mom, you are so witty, so insightful, so fantastic! Here's a spa day/new car/cabin on the lake to show our thanks for digitally preserving our childhood for all the world to see."

Or not.

The reality is it'll be more like "huh, uh. . . that was. . . interesting, Mom." And then behind my back they'll choose the shoddier of the the nursing homes they were considering. Payback for the pictures I post and stories I share.

reanimation - revivification - reblogification

Long has the blog sat fallow. But no more. No more I say!

P.S. - Grown-up Maya and Ben - please choose the place with air conditioning. Mama doesn't do well in the heat.

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