Monday, August 24, 2009

Saturday Morning Pancakes

Parenting experts say that kids thrive on routine. Apparently those short little people are happier when they know what's coming up next. And who am I to argue with the experts? They *must* know more about raising kids than I do. This doesn't say much, however. I'm sure our family cat knows more about raising kids than I do. But he doesn't speak English and I don't speak Catonese. So I (sometimes) listen to the English speaking parenting experts.

In an attempt to build routine into our crazy, hectic week, I instituted Saturday Morning Pancakes. We sit together, talk about our week, and share a meal. And really, what better way to establish a routine than a sticky sugar high? In 10 easy steps, here is our Saturday morning routine according to Ben:

1. Wake up Mom far before a respectable hour by sweetly singing "Maaaaaaammmmmaaaa!"

2. Scream "MAMA! MOM! MOM! MOM! MAMA!" when she doesn't respond within 3.2 seconds.

3. Help Mom make coffee by pressing the button on the coffee grinder, spilling the fresh ground coffee all over the counter, and pressing the ON button seventeen times on the coffee maker. Throw up your hands and shout "TADAAA!"
4. Cling onto Mom's legs while she makes pancakes. Oscillate between asking for and refusing cups of milk.
5. Get naked. Put on a bib. Pancakes are finger food, man, and they are messy.

6. Eat 2 pancakes. Feed your hair some syrup.
7. Shout "aaaaaaahhhhh!" (me) and raise you hand when Mom asks "who wants more pancakes?"

8. Refuse to eat any more pancakes unless fed from Mom's plate. Smear syrup all over yourself, your tray, and your Mom as she tries to feed you. Throw syrup covered bowls at the cat.

9. Have a bath. Soak everything within a five foot radius.
10. Smile sweetly at Mom and wonder why she's exhausted so early in the day.

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